Multilingual SEO – Speak Your Clients’ Language

Everyone searches the web. You search the web. Everyday.

When searching, you almost always skip over the ads and click on the first real or “organic” result. That’s statically proven. Also, chances are less than 10% of the time you go beyond the third result and less than 5% of the time you ever make it to the second page.

These habits which you and I engage in every day, also hold true for your prospective clients all over the world.

But in addition to that, your chosen keyword narrows your search to websites optimizing for that word or phrase. And so commences the battle over page ranking on search engines around the world employing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You see, with SEO words matter. A lot.

And when your website is translated into another language, the right keywords must be used in that language if you want to be discovered on the web. Welcome to multilingual SEO.

Not to mention, there’s also the task of finding the most searched for keywords in any given language. This is known as keyword analysis.

So all of a sudden translating websites has grown more complicated than you previously thought. But luckily for you, translating websites is our passion. We put our everything into the job to make your website look professional in other languages.

The Translation in Berlin advantage:

  • All translators only work in their native tongue. Visitors will feel at home browsing your site.

  • We are experts in keyword analysis. That translates to higher rankings and more hits.

  • From planning to delivery, we convert your website into a new language and culture.

Bottom line. There are over 3 billion Internet users on the planet. Translate your website into just one foreign language and watch multilingual SEO extend your site’s reach by millions of visitors.

Agile Localization – Be Everywhere, Right Now

The content on your website needs to be translated and adapted by real people who are professional translators, not some software program that awkwardly glues together words from a database.

But you already knew that or you wouldn’t be here.

Also your content has to be localized, which means it’s made relevant to your visitors’ cultures and languages taking into consideration idioms and colloquial expressions.

When trying to achieve this, we realized that the biggest problem our clients were facing had to do with integrating translated content into their CMS (Content Management System) or shop system.

They, our clients, were asking employees to manually copy and paste content into whatever platform their site was based on. Who has time for that?

We believe that there is nothing more mundane and inefficient than pasting translated copy into any system. Tasks that don’t require special skills should be automated.

So we came up with a solution.

Working with localization developers, we created our own agile software. It works with a wide range of systems meaning that it will integrate with your website seamlessly.

Whenever your site has new content, our API detects it automatically and pulls it into our translation platform. Then, as soon as that content is translated by our professionals, it is pushed back to your site immediately.

Sound like a dream? At Translation in Berlin, we not only believe in dreams, but we work hard to make those same dreams realities.

Give us a call today and let us show you how easy it is to have your site localized with agile localization.

Social Media – The Era of Conversation

Can you imagine a web-based campaign without social media? We can’t. Here’s why.

With the Internet, companies are now able to interact with prospective customers like never before. Social media has become the primary platform where the great conversation of the Internet is taking place.

Dove, the popular soap brand, is one of many companies that has leveraged the power of social media to expand their marketing reach. With their Dove Makeover Ad Campaign, they displaced over 170 million negative Facebook ads to bring a positive message to women about their bodies.

The results? Over 5 million unique women reached, Facebook mentions increased by 71% and the overall Project Impressions were 253 million!

Why is social media becoming the go-to marketing platform?

  • There are over 2 billion active social media users. That’s a quarter of the world’s population.

  • Internet users average more than five and a half social media accounts.

  • This year alone there are 176 million new social media users.

  • Over 60 billion messages are processed on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp everyday.

Social media is where your customers are at and if you haven’t put it at the top of your marketing strategy, you are grossly underestimating it’s full potential.

Marketing guru Scott Cook said it best when he observed, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Also let’s not forget, this conversation on social media is happening all over the world in multiple languages everyday.

That is why at Translation in Berlin, we design our web translation services around your social media. Depending on your target client and the service you provide, we help you choose the most relevant social media campaign for your business.

Get in touch with us today, join the conversation on the Internet, and take your social media presence to new unprecedented heights.