We believe in a fair industry and we work tirelessly to achieve it.

  1. We never outsource work to third party agencies to do jobs faster or to reduce costs.

  2. We always pay all of our translators fairly for the work they do.

  3. We will not risk the quality of our translations by hiring non-professionals to cut costs.

  4. We always use the 4-eyes checking-principle to proofread all text.

Why do we go to these lengths?

Our translators, copywriters, and proofreaders are the foundation of our business. Without their exhaustive work behind the scenes our industry would not exist.

Unfortunately, most of our competitors seemed to have forgotten this fundamental concept.

Greedy agencies cut all corners to make big profits at the expense of their workers. Translators are forced to accept inadequate wages causing them to struggle just to make a living.

We at Translation in Berlin will not stand for these practices and are determined to turn the industry around. We will always support fair compensation and promote ethical practices for our translators.

Furthermore, through our video blog, Translators learn SEO, we have created an educational platform where all of our writers can continually build upon their SEO and web translating skills.


We believe in your potential to expand your business exponentially.

  1. We are driven by the growth of your business.

  2. We work with clients from a wide range of sectors.

  3. We value long established partnerships over quick gains.

First impressions are important. Even more so on the Internet.

Readers are overloaded with so much information to the point that they don’t even want to read anymore. But we know the power of words, choose them carefully, and craft them in a way that draw the reader into the content. Our experience will help you make a difference.